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Meet Deb . . .

So you want to know more?

Hi! I'm Deb Weaver. Welcome to The Word Weaver blog! I hope you'll make yourself at home.

Hubby and I have been married since 1986. We grew up in northern Michigan. Our daughter was born in 1989 and our son followed in 1994. We moved our family to South Carolina in 1996. In 2014, after nearly twenty years there, he and I said goodbye to our two adult children and moved across the country to Wisconsin. We're enjoying being around extended family, re-learning how to handle winter, and rediscovering marriage from the perspective of an empty nest. Though we miss our kids, it's been a fun adventure!

If I used two words to describe myself, they would be: compassionate communicator. Of course, since I'm also wordy, it's highly unlikely I'll only use two words! (You saw that coming, didn't you?)

I am deeply passionate about noticing, including, welcoming, connecting with, and encouraging others.
One of the ways that I do this is by being as transparent as possible. Some things that I share about:

  • Moments that make my heart swell as well as those that make me weep
  • Battles I struggle with
  • Dreams and desires
  • Mistakes I’ve made
  • Glimpses of grace
  • Worship
  • Ways in which God has changed me
  • Things I've learned
  • Love
  • Scripture

I do not have it all together nor do I have all the answers. I’ve experienced depression and anxiety, fear, grief, anger, joy, insignificance, regret, and shame. I’m also coming to truly believe how much I am loved and accepted by God, just as I am. (Spoiler alert: I’m convinced He feels this way about you too!)

When I share, it’s often about my God and Savior, Jesus Christ. God is the Hero of my story. It is He who sustains and leads me. It is He who redeems every experience through the filter of His sovereignty, power, grace, and mercy. He is who He says He is. His Word is true, and I desire to apply it to my daily life. His purposes are greater than I can imagine.

Because of how great He is and how He integral He is to my life, despite my fears and my nerves, I feel increasingly called to share my journey with others.

This may happen in the grocery store, in a church hallway, in my neighborhood, during a speaking event, as I reach out and serve with others, in this online space, or on a page.

I hope to share about my life that, in ways, remind you of yours. I’m a good listener and hope to hear about some of your paths as well. A difficult road is always easier to walk when it’s shared by two.

We may not always have the same backgrounds or even beliefs. We may even deeply disagree, but we can be friends. Friends share their lives—the good, the terrible, the doubts, the questions, the funny, and everything in-between—with respect, love, and grace. You are welcome here.

What I'm writing now:

Besides journaling and blog posts, I've written a children's picture book. (I love it. The character is full of imagination and exuberance. I'm just not sure what to do with it next.)

I also have a slow-moving start to a young adult novel. (Okay, it would be more accurate to say that it's putting down deep roots at a rest stop. It's full of great character voice but little plot, and I haven't worked on it for a really long time.)

I do have a kernel of an idea (and a beginning outline) that may turn into a non-fiction book about forgiveness. As that progresses, I'll try to keep you posted.

One aspect that I love about being wired as a writer is how it compels me to notice and live life in the moment. A part of my brain is constantly processing events, feelings, people, memories, and nature around me, helping me to focus on details I’d otherwise miss. When this habit is combined with a grateful heart, beauty, joy, and creativity result.

You'll probably notice a lot of poetry on the blog. This is a relatively new venue for me, and I'm learning! I didn't even like poetry until I picked up Poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge. It reignited my love for language and gave me the courage to try writing my own poetry pieces.

Poetry has helped me to express my feelings during difficult seasons in life. When I'm overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, it's sometimes easier to get a grip on them with fewer but more potent words. Also, poetic thought makes me happy.

Still with me?

Trivial tidbits follow:

Favorite Place:
A beach. Any beach. I grew up in Michigan three blocks from Lake Huron, so sand and surf are a part of my DNA.

Pet Peeves:
Rolling eyes. Lying. Unkindness.

Being called "Debbie." (Despite my insistent attempts, I've discovered there's no breaking some people of this habit! Kind of like my attempts to stop biting my nails! I keep trying.)

Oh, and ridiculous songs by the Beatles. (There's a whole list of their songs that my kids are banned from singing, and "Yellow Submarine" tops the list. I just hope they don't get back at me by playing it at my funeral. You're in charge of making sure that doesn't happen.)

Purposeful Writing Quirks:
Generally I am a rule-keeper by nature; however, when it comes to certain grammatical/syntactical commands I am a criminal felon! Case in point: You've probably already noticed this...but I adore exclamation points!!!! As a writer, I know to use only one, but they seem to be made for exuberance! And the more exuberant, the better!!!!

WRITING IN ALL CAPS also accomplishes this feeling! I know some people feel like this is an angry, yelling font, but in my usage, it usually is just for effect, especially if I'm excited or HAPPY!!!

Another example: I know it's not proper to begin a sentence with a conjunction or to use fragments as sentences. I just tend to write like I speak, rather informally, even though it means breaking the law. Sure, feel free to sue me. Just don't tattle to my former grammar teachers. Pretty please.

So, do you think you could put up with these quirks? Picture it more like a crazy, enthusiastic neighbor whom you indulge. Not the nails-on-the-chalkboard kind of tolerance. And who knows? Perhaps they'll grow to be endearing qualities rather than annoying ones once you get to know me.

Imagine me smiling at you, eyes shining and arms flailing around to emphasize my points!! There, does that help?

The punctuation mark that mocks me:
Commas! Arggh! I want to follow them, but the rules of commas confuse and confound me! Rules I learned in school were called into question by my children's teachers. I was taught to use them as a pause, as if catching your breath. If their teachers had their way, I'd be gasping for breath and turning blue.

If you have a firmer grip (and that would not be difficult at this point) on the best usage of commas, please instruct me. Clear examples and colored pictures may help. Oh, and I've heard that chocolate is brain food, too.

How You May Picture Me Writing:
At times with my laptop, other times with paper and pen, often on Post-it notes, and occasionally on restaurant napkins. Usually with my favorite hot beverage, tea. I write in a variety of places ranging from my home to the park to coffee shops to McDonalds.

Dog or Cat Person?
Though we don't have either at this time, I have a passionate preference. Cat, definitely cat.

(Ducking from zealous dog lovers.)

And I'll have you know that I am on the first name basis with several in the neighborhood. I just have a REALLY, REALLY low tolerance for jumping, licking, slobbering, shedding, and barking. I hope we can still be friends. Just block this deficiency out of your mind and remain calm, okay?

Personal Kryptonite:
Babies. (I swear I was born with an internal infant magnet! Love them!) Okay, okay, toddlers and preschoolers are pretty fun too.

Chocolate preferences:
Before moving to Green Bay, I'd have said, "Any chocolate as long as it's Hershey's."

Since moving here and tasting nearby De Pere, WI's Seroogy's Chocolate's, I have to confess a growing addiction to their Mint Meltaways (both dark and milk chocolate). They're quickly edging past my former (and still delicious) favorite!

Other Treats that make me smile:
Genuine smiles to and from strangers. I have a friendliness meter!

Pink roses & Hydrangeas of any color

The sound of waves and the immenseness of a shoreline.

My favorite football team. You shouldn't have to ask. Those who know me know that there's no team like Green and Gold! Go, Pack, Go! I also like the yelling at the T.V. part of the game with my sister; we're both former cheerleaders. Lungs like that do not fade away! And we do it for the sake of the team. Hubby is amused by this.

Hubby's one-liners

Laughing with my kids (usually at myself)

Watermelon, fresh pineapple, the scent of freshly cut grass, and Ginger-Peach hot tea
(You're welcome!)

Oh, and the Sweet Potato Cake from The Brick Street Cafe in Greenville, SC. It's divine! (And I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes. Weird. I know.)

Favorite Activities:
Reading, journaling, writing, retreats, napping, eating out (and if they happen along a beach... well, can't you hear the angels singing?!)

Empty Nest Discoveries:
Hey! I'm a decent housekeeper! Who knew??!!! It's certainly come as a tremendous SHOCK to me. Since we moved away from our kids, the sink stays empty and dishwasher's arms open. Things are parked in their spot when not in use and when they're used they get returned! It is a joy to awaken to a picked up, orderly, beautiful home. (I may or may have not bruised myself repeatedly pinching my arm!)

It doesn't take all day to find and complete laundry. And our previous problems of divorcing socks has been resolved; their irreconcilable differences have been reconciled. If I wasn't busy writing, I might even hang out a new shingle advertising my sock relationship skills.

Oh, and most happily . . . I've been gifted an invaluable hall pass. It states that I am released from daily cooking! When Hubby is working and it's just me, I snack to my heart's content. Which may or may not be such a good thing, but I digress . . . When Hubby is home, I whip out the take-out menus with delightful flourish! And sometimes I shock the both of us and actually cook. I've discovered it can be fun when you don't have to do it every time you turn around!

Hubby and I are rediscovering the simple pleasures of being a couple in love. Hand holding, reading separately while sitting in companionship together, walks in the neighborhood, uninterrupted conversations, and romance.

Gee, if I'd known it could be this good, I may have shooed them from the nest much sooner!

Too much information?

Well, I'm sure that was more than you really needed or wanted to know! I apologize! Without a doubt, I'm wordy!

Let's get acquainted!

I hope you'll be back often and that we'll connect through this blog or speaking events.

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Until next time,

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