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Only Jesus Satisfies Our Deepest Longings. Do We Believe That, and Do We Honestly Want More of Him?
by The Word Weaver, Deb on March 1st, 2018

​At times, I am an emotional eater.  If I’m not cognizant of what is stirring deep within me, I live inside the pantry.  I park between the microwave popcorn & the Triscuit crackers.  Sometimes I party with the Thin Mint cookies on the upper shelf or embark on a road trip to the freezer for ice cream sandwiches. 

Turbulent emotions play a large determining factor in my use of time as well.  If I haven’t processed strong conflict or the deep pain of someone close to me, I dive into self-soothing activities.  It’s one thing to watch an episode or two of a favorite show to relax; it’s quite another thing altogether to binge-watch an entire season of it. 

I can’t handle myself on days like this.  But God can.  He knows me completely and loves me utterly.  He knows when I want to run and hide from life.  He doesn’t shake His head in disgust when I’m drowning in emotion or when I’m tempted to self-soothe.  I’m not too much for God.  He welcomes my sensitive nature and delights in me. He invites me closer and reminds me of another way.  
Taste & see that the Lord is good/ Scripture accompanying blog post by The Word Weaver
​Daily, we who believe in Jesus are invited to the banquet of God.  Imagine this huge table filled with the finest of cuisine.  Fragrant and filling.  Platters brimming with everything we need and that which we might truly desire.  We’re urged to step up and partake repeatedly, fully, joyfully.

Jesus declares in John 6, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and He who believes in Me will never be thirsty. . . Just as the living Father sent Me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on Me will live because of Me.” 

This feast is symbolized in communion, but it is an even more beautiful picture of what abiding in Jesus looks like.  The Bread of Life gives us His life.  He is enough for us.  He satisfies.  We need Him more and more.
Jesus is the Bread of Life/ Do we want More of Him? / Blog post of The Word Weaver
If you are like me, there are days it’s simple to feast at the table of God.  I meet with Him over His Word.  We walk through the day together.  My thoughts return repeatedly to Him.  I gasp with wonder and gaze with gratitude during small moments.  I run to Him with hurts and requests, fully assured of His goodness and greatness.  Rich, satisfying, delightful relationship.

Other days I’m blindsided by doubt, worry, or fear.  I forget that God is with me.  I blindly charge through the packed hours as if the world rested on my shoulders.  These days—the ones I am in most need of divine refreshment—tend to be the ones when I shy away from the table.  I quickly nibble and dash off.  Or I pick up crumbs from the floor in an effort to comfort myself.  I hide from God instead of pouring out my honest lament at His feet.  Cold, empty, nagging hunger.

And then there are many days that include both.  I’m learning on the worst of my days—when I want to bury myself under a blanket and not feel anything—to return to the table.  Jesus never turns me away.  He embraces me in welcome and delight each time I return to Him.  God continually beckons me close.  I reach out to Him again and again, and He satisfies me.
Quote by Author Sara Hagerty from Unseen/ quoted in blog post by The Word Weaver
​Author Sara Hagerty, in her book Unseen, expresses her heart’s desire: “As Mary did with her fragrant oil, I want to spend myself on Jesus. I want to move His heart with an extravagant outpouring. The world changes from an exchange such as this.  Instead of frantically scurrying to meet the latest need, I slowly pattern my life toward pouring myself out at His feet—toward giving Him the best of my affection, sometimes in a hundred small glances a day.  It’s from that place of connection that I hear His heartbeat for the needs around me and see His perspective on my role.  It’s from there, that place of carrying His heart, that I learn how and when to respond to others’ cries.”
​I, too, desire for my life to be poured out in extravagant, lavish love, trust, and worship.  It starts in the small moments and slowly increases as my appetite for Jesus increases.  Could I start small?  Could I spend 10 more minutes poring over His Word, savoring His Presence?  When I’m hurting, could I take a walk and tell Him all about it?  Could I accept His comfort instead of stuffing myself with other things?  Could I praise and thank Him in the midst of this holy hard?

Couldn't I daily, over and over, declare this truth?  “Taste and see that the LORD is good; oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!”  (Psalm 34:8, NLT)

He beckons us again and again, Come.  Will we?  

​Let’s consider our hearts before the Lord: 

Important soul-searching questions to consider in the blog post by The Word Weaver
In gentle honesty, please consider with me the following questions concerning the soul:  

​​Am I rejecting His offer of salvation and of everlasting life?  Do I only think I know what He tastes like?  If this is so for you, please carefully reconsider.  This is the most important choice we make in this life. Take a real taste.

Am I nibbling or am I feasting?  Am I settling for a crust when Jesus offers the whole loaf?  There’s a tremendous difference.

What empty calories am I consuming instead of The Bread of Life?  Is my plate filled with too many other—perhaps tasty but less important—things?  How could I begin to grant Jesus more of me, of my time?

What if I don’t want more of Him?  What if I’m satisfied with the dessert plate-sized portion? Could I ask Him to change my desires?

Do I really believe that Jesus satisfies?  Do I trust Him to satisfy my deepest longings and hopes?  He is God. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Do I want to allow Him to transform my desires so that I want Him more? Will I pray for willingness, desire, and change of heart?  

​Let’s consider these urgings:

​We will not live abundantly in this day and age if we are not absolutely filled and satisfied by Jesus Christ.  Our love will grow cold.  Let’s feast on the Bread of Life!

We will not be able to flee from the overwhelmingly, flesh-satisfying succulent temptations of this world.  None of us are strong enough to forgo temptation without inner strength and satisfaction and perspective.  Let’s rely upon the Bread of Life.

If we’re standing here, pointing out someone else who has stumbled headlong into sin, and we’re not looking within, we’re probably stuffing ourselves with pride.  Regardless of what tempts us, we need Jesus.  Only He transforms our lives from the inside out.  Let’s confess our own sin before the Bread of Life.

We must want Jesus Christ, and we must feast on Him more than anything else.  More than anything we desire: comfort, happiness, ease, favorite pastimes, friends, romance, or even holiness.  He is the connection, the source of all we actually need and want.  Let’s refuse anything less than the Bread of Life’s best.

Paradoxically, the more I eat of that which does not satisfy, the less I want that which does.  And also, if I really know how good the main course is, why would I fill my plate with excess junk?

You see, the more we look to Him, the more we receive of Him.  The more we have of Him, the more we give of ourselves to Him.  The more we grasp His love, the more we can trust Him.  The more we can trust Him, the more we love Him.  The more we love Him, the more we have of Him.  This extravagant cycle of worship and surrender transforms us and our lives. 

And when we embrace more of Him, we actually receive more of the other important gifts we need:  healing, freedom, strength, happiness, holiness, and help.  

​What if?

​We have been given the infinitely fulfilling, surpassingly glorious gift of Jesus Christ.  He is everything! 

What if we lived with a growing, ravenous appetite for Jesus?  Imagine refusing to be pacified by anything else.  Not caring what others think anymore.  Pursuing and spending time daily in the Presence and Word of God, in small moments and in larger chunks.  Thinking about and enjoying Him.  Listening to His voice.  Watching Him.  Believing His promises.  Savoring His Presence.  Surrendering to His ways.  Following in obedience.  Worshipping Him in wonder.  Desperate for Him.

Imagine being joyfully, humbly, wholly satisfied by Jesus.  I want that kind of life!  Don’t you?

​Let’s pray:

​Heavenly Father,

We are grateful.  You have given us Your Son, Jesus, the Bread of Life.  Everything we need is found in Him.  What a precious, priceless gift!

We confess that we gorge ourselves on things that do not and cannot satisfy our souls.  We ignore Your outstretched arms and grasp idols in our efforts to comfort ourselves.  In pride we assure ourselves that we can fix the holes in our hearts by our own efforts and in our own ways.  This is sin.  It is folly. 

Only You can heal our hearts and lives.  Only You can meet our deepest cravings.  Only You can fill us with abundance, joy, and satisfaction.  Please forgive us for turning anywhere, everywhere but to You.  Please change us.

O God, grant us a ravenous, righteous, willing appetite for more.  Create in us a deeper desire to know who You are, what You are like, what You say, & what You do.  May we increasingly recognize and respond to Your voice of truth.  May we hunger for, accept, and extend more of Your grace.  Draw us more to Your Word, and enable us to deeply believe it. Lead our thoughts back to You and to Your truth more and more throughout our days.  May we reject anything that leads us away from You and Your purposes.  May we press into Your embrace of love, perspective, and peace.  More and more, we want to know, love, and embrace You back.  Oh, that we may taste, see, and declare that You are good! 
In the name of Jesus,
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