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Praying for God's Strength in My Weakness
by The Word Weaver, Deb on February 1st, 2018

​We like stories of strength, don’t we?

When I was barely old enough to walk to our local library, I checked out tale after tale about legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan.  I relished the unbelievable stories of his superhuman strength.  Growing up along Lake Huron, one of my favorite pieces of folklore was how he cupped his humongous hands and carved out The Great Lakes to provide fresh watering holes for Babe, his enormous blue ox.

As I got a little older, I moved beyond make-believe to real-life heroes such as: Harriet Tubman, Davy Crockett, Babe Ruth, George Washington Carver, and Winston Churchill.  I still love a true story of strength and determination.

I’ve been following Jesus for thirty-seven years now.  Because I appear quiet and steady, you might look at me and think that I’ve got it together.  That I am strong. You may even think that faith comes easily or naturally for me.  

​May I be completely honest with you?  

​That perception is erroneous and far from true. 

You don’t see my insides.  You don’t see the struggles.  You don’t see the battles I fight with depression or anxiety.  You don’t see the tears I shed over the pages of my Bible. 

I have more questions than I did when I was eighteen.  I see my sin more clearly.  I struggle with my motives and ambitions.  Without realizing it, I often chase myself in circles trying to make things happen in my way, in my timing, and with my effort. 

More days than not, I find myself weary and ragged inside. When I look too far ahead, uncertainty looms large and fear blots my vision.  I am overwhelmed by the raucous pace, the ravaging needs, and the relentless weight of this wicked world. I ache over injustice and cruelty. I hurt deeply for others and absorb their bloody pain along with my own. 

Without immersing myself in the truth of God’s Word (and many times even after I’ve done so), I’m ready to collapse.

I berate myself, feeling like I should be stronger by now, that a life of faith should be easier by now, that I shouldn’t have to fight for joy quite so often.

My “should be’s” sometimes keep me from seeking and accepting God’s ready help.  Perhaps you understand this struggle too. 
Blog post quoting Unseen author Sara Hagerty/ Praying for God
​Author Sara Hagerty understands too.  In her excellent book, Unseen, she says: 

“I am afraid because I am naked.  And I hide myself from God while simply waiting for this hard moment to pass. 

These bare places are invitations.  God invites us to exchange what feels raw and vulnerable for His strength.  God never intended for us to hide from Him, to live with parts of us untouchable to Him.  It’s in those naked-place moments—the times we allow ourselves to be exposed before God—that He covers us with Himself, blankets us in His safe love, and replaces our exposed weakness with His strength.”
​For years this weakness—this inability to barrel through life—has felt like a detriment to me.  I’m discovering that is a lie.

My acknowledgement of weakness is a sacred gift.  It’s actually the only key that unlocks true strength.

When I strive to depend upon my false perception of strength, it crumples quickly like sodden, soggy cardboard sitting in the rain.  My strength is no strength at all.  That’s actually good news.  By divine design, we cannot live on our own. In John 15, Jesus said, “… Apart from Me, you can do nothing.”  I’m embarrassed to tell you, though, how often I’ve tried.  

​We appreciate stories of strength. So why do I tell you all this about my weakness?  

​I’m sharing a divine mystery that I’m learning.  When I am overcome by the painful realities of this life, if I will choose to:
  • stop trying to fortify or stretch my nothing over anything
  • admit my true needy state, &
  • look to Jesus, our Immanuel—God WITH us,
something miraculous happens.  He exchanges what I lack with His unending supply.  I begin to depend—truly depend—upon Him, moment by moment, day by day. 

He is enough.  And His supernatural strength surpasses my desperate need. 

And, man, do I need Him!    
My weakness is the key that unlocks True Strength in Jesus/ The Word Weaver blog post/ Praying for God
​My weakness is the secret key to His source of strength.  In Christ is hidden all the treasures—every single thing that we need. (Colossians 2: 3 & 2 Peter 1:3)  My admission of lack unlocks the storeroom of heavenly resources.  

When I admit that I am weak, God reveals His strength.  He exchanges my lack for His abundance.  Jesus Christ proclaims, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  (2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV)

Recognition of my weakness is an internal emergency signal reminding me to turn to the One who is strong.  He delights in giving me what I truly need.  Pleasure is written all over His face when I bring Him my weakness and exchange it for His ability.

And He offers to do the same for you.

​Speaking of whom, let’s think about you for a moment.  

Opening Our Hearts together with soul questions in the The Word Weaver blog post/ Praying For God
​In this space before God, please consider these questions personally and honestly:
  • Are you feeling weak?  Worn out?
  • Do you fear you will not be able to keep going?
  • Are you disheartened by our world’s capacity for evil?
  • Are you crippling beneath the weight of your own sin?
  • Do you despair of ever conquering the battles you face?
  • Are you (or someone you love) staggering with excruciating pain and fear?
​Did your heart pound yes in response to any of these questions?  Did tears crowd your eyes? 

If so, I am sorry.  I stand with you.  I stretch out my arms in supplication toward heaven asking God to meet your every need.     


​Perhaps in our weakness, we could scoot over and walk more closely together in the sustaining light of God’s truth and grace.

Perhaps in our weakness, we could stop trying to muster up more faith and ask God for it.

Perhaps in our weakness, we could remind one another to stop shaming ourselves for human frailties and to ask God for His divine strength.  We could remember that He is drawn to our weakness.  He never rolls His eyes over our neediness.  He welcomes us into His arms of love, and in Jesus, we have the right and privilege to be there. 

Perhaps in our weakness, we could take heart in our good, great God.  We could follow the example of King David who dropped to his knees in the midst of his real grief, outrage, distress, fear, and pain; and he “strengthened himself in God.” (1 Samuel 30.)  We could also run to Him and learn to drive our souls’ thirsty, wounded roots deeply down into His nourishing presence and promises. 

Perhaps in our weakness, at the intersection of our real need and His real resource, we will discover real life.  I want that dearly, don’t you?
At the intersection of our real need & God

​Let’s seek God now for what we need:

​Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your great love and compassion toward us.  You delight in us, take pleasure in us, and give us what we need.  We are able to approach You as beloved children—what a privilege that is!   

We confess that, all too often, we have rejected You as our source and strength. We’ve tried to do life on our own.  At times, when we’ve been shattered by circumstances, we’ve assumed the worst of You and felt that You didn’t care or couldn't help.  We’ve doubted Your Word, Your ways, and Your character.

But we are coming and confessing this before You.  We are laying down our hurt, our independence, our willfulness, and our pride. 

You are our God, and You are good.  Grant us strength to believe that You are who You say You are & that You do what Your Word promises You will do.  You are trustworthy.

Grant us sustaining, supernatural, unexplainable strength right where we are—right in the place that threatens to sink us.  Give us strength to face this day and the next and the next.  With You.  In You.

Please give us the strength to love others right where they are even when we are heartsick over their choices.  Show us how to love one another as You love us.  Embolden us to do so.

May we have strength to ask You to transform us—our thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions. We are holy because You dwell within us, and it is Your power and Your strength that makes us more like Jesus.  May we trust You more.

We are weak, Lord, but You are strong.  We need You, AND we want You.  You are our strength in every situation.

Scripture from Philippians 4:13 / I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. / Included in The Word Weaver blog prayer post about strength
The Word Weaver blog post Praying For God
The Word Weaver Blog post quotes to tweet

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Sue Tell - February 1st, 2018 at 8:50 AM
Oh Deb, YES, I'm so with you. I'm learning to always describe weakness as need, a need that God allowed in me to draw me to his resources.

Thank you. I'm saving this to share with my friends in the Trueface course.

Love sue
Deb Weaver - February 1st, 2018 at 4:35 PM
It helps knowing we're walking together, doesn't it? Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing.
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