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Unwrapping the Gift of the Season: Grace is So Much More Than We Realize
by The Word Weaver, Deb on December 21st, 2017

Unwrapping the Gift of the Season:  Grace is So Much More Than We Realize

​This season uncovers our desires, doesn’t it?

The wanting.  The waiting.  The wonder. 

The ache of longing.  The possibility of hope.

Drawn by the Light, I tiptoe closer.  I circle it, content to simply gaze in growing anticipation at this glowing gift.

Then I can’t help myself.  I stretch out a hand and touch it.  Finger its wrapping.  When no one is looking I dare to heft it into my arms and shake it. 

Entranced, I check and double-check the tag.  Is it really for me?  Could it be?  This beautiful, ginormous box? 
Grace is a Greater Gift than we Imagine
​Look!  Do you see it, there on the tag?  It’s addressed to you and to me . . . 

Oooh, this will be good!  Our Father is a lavish, loving Giver. 

We peel back the wrapping and catch our breath. 

There cradled in the crèche, multiplied in the miracles, nailed to the tree, exploding from the tomb—Grace!  

​This incredible gift triggers a few different responses at this point:

We could walk away, convinced that the gift is meant for everyone else except us. 

Perhaps feelings of shame flood us.  We recoil, thinking:  “He loves the world, so technically this includes me, but it wouldn’t be right to accept.  It’s too much. I don’t deserve it.” 

As we pivot, the Father picks up His priceless present and emphatically extends it toward us, urging us to reconsider. With mournful cords of longing and regret clanging within, one walks away from Gift and Giver.     


​We could look it over, shrug indifferently, and place it back in the box.  Perhaps we assume to know exactly what it is, what it’s like, or how it works. 

We avoid the gaze of The Giver, privately thinking, “Grace is a nice thought but a lousy gift. It wasn’t what I wanted or needed; I’m doing fine without it.” 

We set it aside, slide it under the bed, or bury it in the back of the closet.  Then we go our own way, often returning to our tedious tally sheets, entering good deeds to counterbalance the rest.  We cannot alter grace and, in trying to do so, we reject both the Giver and the Gift.


We could approach this precious, surprising gift with the anticipation and excitement of a beloved child.  Perhaps we tear into the wrapping with wonder and joy.  Open it and fully receive all its goodness.  Inhale this lavish grace greedily.  Exhale generously, sharing God’s grace with others. 

Running into the arms of the Father and bowling Him over with hard hugs of gratitude.  Leaning into and relying upon this amazing grace.  Accepting and savoring both the Giver and the Gift.

Every. Single. Day.

Despite our doubts. Despite our questions.  Balancing our pain and His goodness in our hearts. 

When we’re happy or sad. When we’re lonely and afraid.  When we offend God and others.  When our lives sit in ruins.  When we love well and when we do not.  

​Oh, grace is not what we think it is!

​More often than not, you and I treat grace like the innocuous phrase, “Bless you,” after a sneeze.  It becomes a well-intended nicety but an unnecessary and impractical one. 
Grace is stronger, deeper, better, more necessary than we ever expect.  It’s not an artificially sweetened, watered-down idea.  It’s real, fierce, passionate, enduring, and life-giving. 

It’s laid at the feet of our sinful souls with God’s full knowledge of who we are, what we’ve done, and what it’s cost Him. Yet it’s given willingly, purposely, lovingly, longingly. 

Once we open and embrace this treasure trove, we are changed.  Grace transforms our identity and our essence.  It changes everything. 

We cannot live without God’s grace, gifted in Christ Jesus—here or hereafter.  Divine grace drenching us.  Scarlet grace, saving us.  Sustaining grace nourishing us.

We cannot earn it. Purchase it.  Repay it.  And ultimately, we cannot ignore it.

Too many of us try.  Though salvation through grace is offered to all, only some of us actually receive it.  Sobering, isn’t it?  It becomes ours only when we—you and I—recognize our need, reaching out to receive it. 

Grace, grace, amazing grace.  Our only hope.  Our infinite joy.  Grace, ours for the taking. 
This grace—with our names etched upon it—is the Gift of God.  The Giver gives Himself. To us. For us.  
Grace is the Greatest Gift. God gives Himself.
​Today, let’s consider our own responses to this beautiful gift.

I’ll scoot over, and we can it delight in it together.  There’s more than enough for both of us.  It’s big enough to enfold us all. 

Let’s receive and adore Him!  Merry Christmas! 
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