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Encouragement to Those Who Hesitate to Ask God
by The Word Weaver, Deb on December 6th, 2017

Encouragement to those who hesitate to ask God. Click through to read relatable encouragement on this The Word Weaver blog post.
​I hate to be a bother.

To anyone.

For years I suppressed my preferences: 
  • “You pick.” 
  • “Whatever you want is fine.”   
  • “Sure, no problem.” 
  • “Whatever is best for your schedule.”
  • “If you can, that would be great; but don’t feel like you have to.”
I didn’t want to inconvenience others.  I’d bend my desires to make room for theirs.  I didn’t make demands on friendships.  Whatever they were willing to pour into the relationship was good enough for me; I would accept crumbs. After all, I didn’t want to be a bother. 

Yeah, yeah, not healthy, I know. Thankfully God loves me too much to let this skewed view continue.  He has been teaching me my value as a person. My wiring, priorities, time, opinions, and desires matter. He’s helping me to re-discover my true identity.  I contribute most by most being myself.  You do too.

Sometimes, old patterns of thought still surface.  When they do, without realizing, I transfer this reluctance to be a bother into my approach to God.  I skirt the edges of the throne room, trying to avoid attracting attention, desperately ducking honest soul contact, or denying my real wants. Asking for top priority needs but trying not to inconvenience Him much.

Do you ever default into this deception too?   

The Truth:

​We—you and I—are of incalculable value to our Heavenly Father.  He loves us so.  And He has much more for us.  God has storerooms of treasure marked with our names. 

Rooms full of things we desperately need: wisdom, discernment, strength, perseverance, righteousness, courage, joy, and grace.  Many good things we deeply desire await us: dreams, ideas, and hopes.  He also has hard blessings to bestow upon us.  He desires for us to ask. 

So why do we hesitate?

​There may be many reasons but, for me, it often boils down to these root issues:  ignorance, guilt, insecurity, unbelief, or fear. 


​Many times I don’t know what I need or even want. Whether I’m spinning at a frenetic pace or plodding along, life’s pace and responsibilities act like a sieve.  Relentlessly it drips and drains my energy and passion. Perhaps you may relate?

We must repeatedly and intentionally pause and get quiet in order to allow God to refill us as well as to determine the deep stirrings of our hearts. 

Jesus is direct in His dealings.  He asks:
  • What do you want me to do for you? 
  • Do you want to get well? 
  • Who do you say I am? 
His questions penetrate the surface and probe into the heart of the matter. 

May we pause, ask, and listen:  Lord, Calm me in Your presence.  Immerse me in Your grace. Speak to me through Your truth.  You know me inside and out.  May Your Spirit help me to sift my heart’s desires.  Make me aware of what I need, why I’m acting this way, or what I really want. Show me. 


​Sometimes I skirt the edges of His presence because I have done wrong.  I’ve hurt someone’s feelings with my tone of voice or my actions.  I’ve failed to trust Him or disobeyed.

This guilt and conviction is a gift from God.  The terrible sinking sense lets me know something is wrong.  When I confess what I have thought, said, or done that is offensive to Him, He freely forgives.  And He restores our relationship. 

Conviction that sparks confession is itself a grace.

Father, I have sinned...  Show me the depth and breadth of my wickedness.  It is You whom I have hurt first and foremost, and I have also injured myself and those I love.  Please forgive and grow me.
Gifts in Christ.  Click through to read authentic encouragement on The Word Weaver blog post, Encouragement to those who hesitate to ask God.


​The Bible assures us of who we really are.  God holds us in much greater esteem  than we fully realize.  He’s already paid the price to rescue and redeem us, and He considers us worth the cost.  That’s amazing grace!

As believers in Christ, we’re chosen, beloved, and created on purpose for a purpose.  When we embrace our role as God’s holy child, we can live out of our true selves.  We don’t have to worry about wearing out our welcome.  Or that we’re too needy or pesky. 

We come, just as we are. And in turn, we have the precious opportunity to delight ourselves in the Lord. 

Thank You for beckoning us into Your presence, into Your arms.  Help us to remember that we are beloved. Root out our insecurities and replace them with abiding truth.  Remind us that You know, You care, You understand—all the time. That You welcome our requests and delight in giving good gifts.  That You are who our souls crave.  We adore You, O God. 


​Sometimes—more often than I like to admit—I don’t ask because I don’t believe.  I don’t have enough faith to take Him at His Word.

I used to berate myself for this lack or I’d try to muster more.  Then I read of a father who brought his son, who had endured a long-term, devastating, and life-threatening condition, to Jesus.  In Mark 9, he begged, “…If you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”  Jesus assured him that nothing is impossible for God and for those who believe.  The man did not walk away in regret.  He responded by offering the little faith he had and earnestly asking for more. 

Now when I face a daunting situation and recognize signs of my unbelief, I take them to the Lord and repeat the cry, “I believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” 


​In Christ, there is no need to cower before our Heavenly Father.  We may approach fearlessly. No need to worry that we’ll say the wrong thing. It’s not necessary to agonize over our motives.  No need to hide our unvarnished, messy selves.

No hesitation.  No fear. 

He welcomes us as we are—not as we wish to be or as we think He wants us to be. He always responds to His children out of His love, truth, compassion, and wisdom.  

Like a child

​Children can be audacious to a fault.  They speak their minds. They love and trust the Father.  So they ask.

Do they want everything?  All at once?  Yes, often.

Feel entitled?  Ask for things they shouldn’t?  Sometimes. 

Act impatient?  Throw a tantrum?  Better than the rest.

Climb into His lap with dirty hands?  You know the answer to that!

Forget to say thanks?  At times.

And won’t we?  Most likely. 

Should fear of getting it wrong keep us from asking?  Absolutely not.
We are God

Yes, but what if. . .

What if we don’t say the right words?  What if we don’t even know what to say or where to begin?  The Lord knows our hearts and thoughts before we do.  When we enter His presence and struggle shaping our thoughts into intelligible words, the Holy Spirit utters divine requests on our behalf.  He loves us.

What if asking for more means we’re not grateful for what we already have? Gratitude doesn’t preclude asking; it accompanies it.  Our God is a generous, happy giver.  He loves us.

What if our motives are wrong?  What if our requests are silly or selfish?  God is able to scan them and then respond accordingly. If we ask for something with the wrong motive or a tainted attitude, He teaches and corrects us. He loves us. 

Our what-if-worries melt before Him, consumed in His perfect love.  

Just ask:

​Our heavenly Father knows our hearts.  We don’t have to package our words in shiny paper or box them into acceptable shapes.  He’ll sort out our requests and do what is best.  We can relax and enjoy our Father.  As beloved children, we can just ask. 

At one time or another, He will say:  Yes!   No.  Or not now . . .

Every time, He urges: “Stay with Me.  Lean against Me.  Relax.  Breathe.  Be Still and know that I am God.” 

May we accept His decisions with open-hearted gratitude and trust.

Let’s run into the arms of our Father and ask.  Continually. Repeatedly. Humbly.  Joyfully. Trustingly.  He is everything we need. 
God is a good, good Father. We can run to Him. Click for authentic encouragement in The Word Weaver post, Encouragement to those who hesitate to ask God.
Our lives intertwine and we find encouragement from one another. Click to read The Word Weaver post, Encouragement to those who hesitate to ask God.

Questions to consider:

  • What causes you to hesitate in asking God? 
  • Do you see patterns? 
  • What Scripture truths cause you to ask anyway? 
  • How may we pray with you?

​​If you’re brave enough to share, please comment below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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