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Prayer Focus: Allowing God to Quench Our Thirst
by The Word Weaver, Deb on November 1st, 2017

​Are you thirsty? 

Are you drawn to the same old wells?  

Do you gulp and guzzle only to leave with nagging thirst? 

Me too.  Please join me for this month's prayer theme.
​Jesus is Living Water.  He’s promised us fresh, flowing sustenance in abundance.  Cleansing, nourishing, transforming, living water.  He alone satisfies.

We can KNOW this is true.  We can EXPERIENCE the deep satisfaction of allowing God’s presence to be our enough.

And then we can also easily FORGET.  We get into the habit of accepting and seeking empty calorie refreshment that fails to refresh us.

Or worse, we can REJECT this vital source of soul quenching nourishment. This happens more often than we admit.


​Jeremiah 2:13 (NIV),My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

Do you hear the brokenhearted longing of God in those words?  He offers us life-giving, life-sustaining help and hope.  Instead, we crawl away from Him and dig in the dirt hoping to find something, anything to fill us.  We’re dangerously dehydrated and only inches from rescue and life. 

Oh, how our precious, Almighty God yearns for us to come to Him.  To reach out with open hearts and arms toward His Word, His Presence, His Spirit.  To repeatedly run to Him, the Living Water. 

Yet, too often, we refuse.  We stubbornly determine to quench our own thirsts because we don’t trust nor want God to alleviate them.

This verse is not just a warning to strangers to the gospel.  God is cautioning His peopleYou and me.

We have deep, genuine lack.  We are thirsty people.  Our cravings—whatever they may be—are rooted in our spiritual needs.  We’ve been created with essential, universal desires that ONLY God, our Creator and Savior, can truly supply.

God is our greatest source of life, joy, and fulfillment.  This truth is stated over and over in the Scriptures.

Psalm 81:10  “I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” (NIV)

Psalm 42: 1-2 “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.  When can I go and meet with God?”  (NIV)

The Message translation renders those verses in chapter forty-two this way:  “A white-tailed deer drinks from the creek; I want to drink God, deep draughts of God.  I’m thirsty for God-alive.” 

YES! wells up deep from within me.  Yes, I want more of God’s presence, thoughts, and words.  Yes, I want the solace of Him being near.  He is nearby—all around and within those who know Jesus.  And, in Him, I find everything I thirst for, everything I need. When I forsake my worn out, empty, sour cisterns and open my mouth, I find anew that He is enough.  He is plenty.  He is sufficient.  He is abundant. And, as a result of allowing Him to fill me, I am most myself, most joyful, most satiated. 

Honestly?  Even though He is what we absolutely and ultimately need, sometimes it doesn’t feel as satisfying or even desirable in the moment of crisis.  So I find that when I’m most needy, I have a crucial choice to make.

A recent example:

​While I was working on this post, I experienced a disappointment.  I received a phone call that was a refusal of my services.  The person on the phone was polite and kind; and though I knew that the rejection was not personal, it felt that way.  It was a minor situation on a simple Tuesday morning, but suddenly I had a major emotional crisis churning within me. Instantly, I was dehydrated, choking on desert dust, staggering in fear, and searching for significance. 

I felt ‘less than’.  Insecurity flooded me.  Shame shouted her oft-repeated lies, “See.  You don’t have value.  No one cares what you know about God. No one wants to attend an event where you speak. No one really wants to read what you write.  You should just quietly go on your way.” 

I desired and needed comfort, reassurance, and encouragement.

Here's what I really wanted to do:

​Rush to the cupboard where I keep chocolate. 

Close the computer and take a long winter’s nap. 

Pop onto Facebook where I’m known and appreciated and where I can waste hours in what seems like minutes.

Turn on a movie channel and hide in a happily-ever-after.  

Slug back enough sodas that I’d awaken with a sugar-induced hangover tomorrow. 

Start a new project from my perpetual to-do list so that, in my busyness, I could run away and still feel productive. 

These are my empty wells, the activities whose paths are familiar and well-rutted.  Sipping from them occasionally is an okay, even enjoyable, thing when I seek relaxation.  But, when I am thirsty and desperate, they are poisonous places. 

Intoxicating, soothing, but toxic, idolatrous danger zones.

Here's what I did instead:

​I sat with the feelings before the Lord.  I cried out to Him.  Plaintively. Honestly. The lies I was feeling. The insignificance I was fearing.  I asked Him to press in with peace and perspective.  

The result:

​He responded to my cry.  He reminded me of His truth that I had just read hours earlier.  I don’t have to make something of my life.  He is the One who fulfills His purposes for my life. (Psalm 57: 2)  I am being faithful to what He’s wired me to do and to His voice of guidance.  He is responsible for the result.

And while I’m not splashing around in all-out Happy in this moment, I am immersed in the plentiful and precious presence of the Living God, and I am okay.

Actually, I more than okay.  I’m content and satisfied.  With Him at my side, I’m still plugging away in my calling to communicate His grace, love, and truth.  Partaking of His comfort and presence.  Soaking in His Word, and sensing His pleasure that I came to Him in my need.

Christ Jesus is quenching my thirst.  Today.  Now.  In my disappointments. In my fears.  In my doubts.  In my simple days and burgeoning hopes.  He is enough. 

What about you?

​Have you tried to tranquilize yourself against your pain?  Most likely, you’ve frequented your own broken, empty, bitter wells.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve tried to find fulfillment in perfectionism, people-pleasing, busyness, addictions, or mindless activity.  Or perhaps your cisterns are dug in the soil of isolation, bitterness, apathy, unforgiveness, pornography, explosive anger, worry, or relationships. 

Maybe your particular wells are not even mentioned here.  Can you name them?  Before we can abandon them, it’s important that we first begin to recognize them.

It’s not enough to know that we’re thirsty.  We also need to become aware of our symptoms and the triggers that activate them.  My warning signs include: sudden spikes in strong emotion or numbed emotion accompanied by prolonged mindless activities. Yours may be different.  We need to pay attention. And then we need to take action.

Let's heed caution:

​Dehydration is a serious matter.  If we ignore our legitimate thirsts for too long, we may end up desperately diving into scum-covered ponds in which we never, ever intended or wanted to find ourselves. 

Destructive, addictive habits.  Unhealthy relationships that do not honor God. Unfulfilling, disappointing days, months, or decades.  A mire of hopelessness.  Death can result. 

So, before we take another soured sip from splintered cisterns, let’s REPENT and RETURN to God, the Source of our everything. 

If you are willing, please join me this month in asking Him to quench our thirst.  He longs to do so.

Let's Pray:

​Heavenly Father,

We have hurt you, and we have hurt ourselves in our pursuit to satisfy our hearts’ longings.  We have forsaken you.  Please forgive us.

We don’t want to merely admit our wrongdoing, our wrong thinking.  We don’t want to repeat this disastrous pattern.  We want to repent and return to You.  We declare that nothing and no one on this earth can satisfy us.  Only You, God, only You. 

In the days ahead, please reveal the broken, poisonous wells which we’re accustomed to seeking.  It’s taken a long time to dig them; may we not give up when victory isn’t instantaneous.  Give us the strength and determination to abandon them—no matter how long or how many attempts it takes to reject them and to turn to You.  

Remind us in this winding, often painful process, that Your arms of grace and mercy are open wide.  You love us.  You long for us.  You stand willing and waiting to become our sufficient heart’s desire.  To welcome us Home in You. 

Teach us to run repeatedly to You, our Living Water, whenever we face need or desire.  Immerse us in Your Word and in Your presence.  Begin to transform us from the inside out as we walk with You. 

May we come daily with our mouths open wide: asking You to meet our truest needs, trusting You to fulfill Your promises, and expecting You to satisfy us. 

You are enough! By Your power, may we live like it!

In the name of our precious Savior and Your Son, Jesus Christ,

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Sue Tell - November 4th, 2017 at 2:19 PM
"Not splashing in all out happy ... I am more than ok."
Your words and the truth you experienced in God's presence makes me smile.
A good word.
Deb Weaver - December 7th, 2017 at 3:29 PM
Sue, thank you for your encouragement! He is worth the journey to joy! Even when it's a rough path. (((HUGS)))
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