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Good News, This Luminous Light!
by The Word Weaver, Deb on August 1st, 2016

​The malignancy, Sin, poisons within earth’s inhabitants,
Nature infecting,
Communion corroding,
Identity devouring.
My spirit trembles in the desolation,
And so I pray
Bemoaning the Light.
The sword, Death, pierces across earth’s core,
Betrayal twisting,
Soul severing,
Agony decimating.
My spirit trembles in the horror,
And so I pray
Gasping for Light.
That fire, Pain, ravages throughout earth’s depths,
Insides recoiling,
Isolation igniting,
Fear engulfing.
My spirit trembles in the wreckage,
And so I pray
Searching for Light.
His sacrifice, Blood, releases from earth’s curse,
Wrath satiating,
Salvation securing,
Forgiveness liberating.
My spirit trembles in the mercy,
And so I pray
Acknowledging the Light.
The transplant, Grace, regenerates within earth’s essence,
Heart tranforming,
Relationship restoring,
Peace empowering.
My spirit trembles in the wonder,
And so I pray
Receiving the Light.
The bridge, Truth, spans across earth’s ends,
Belief undergirding,
Safety securing,
Power enduring.
My spirit trembles in the holiness,
And so I pray
Cupping the Light.
Our hope, Life, shimmers beyond earth’s horizon,
Love enveloping,
Compassion conveying,
Purpose radiating.
My spirit trembles in the beauty,
And so I pray
Extending the Light.

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